Redlake Technologies (formerly Fullstack Technologies) is a small, dynamic company on a mission to prove that we can provide development tools, technologies, and services that are easier to use, less expensive to operate, and more flexible. With a foundation built on open source Red Language technologies, we want to show that companies can win by joining the fight against software complexity.

A lot of companies say they’re different, in hip and trendy ways. We’re not like that, but we are very different. We value old-school sensibilities, and aren’t afraid to build things from the ground up, rather than just looking for packages and copy-pasting code. Hard work is its own reward for us, along with getting to use the technology we build and love.

If you want to be in the mainstream, we’re probably not the team for you. We’re rebels, free-thinkers, skeptics, and challenge the status quo. Design changes in our core language are not rushed through. If you suggest new ideas, make them concrete, understand what came before, and be prepared to defend your choices. Not in a flame war environment, but through civil discourse and deep reflection.

  • Think deeply
  • Work hard
  • Build things that last
  • Fight Software Complexity

If those are things you like to do, want to do, and need to do, give us a shout.

Posted 25 July, 2018

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